Sew 2012 #025: Sub-lime Portrait Blouse

I’m talking about failures here.

Sew 2012 #025: Sub-lime Portrait Blouse

This blouse has remained in my in-progress pile for too long. It’s time to decide: Finish or Forget.

I choose forget.

Aside from being a horrid colour on me, it doesn’t make me feel nice wearing it and I don’t like the fit. I should have written it off as muslin and tried again without trying to finish this… but hey.


Sew 2012 #007 Revisited: Love Me -Not- Dress

Remember the Love Me Not Dress? I think it just became the Love Me Not Dress! I feel so adorable!

I’ve been incredibly busy these last few weeks. Too busy. I think I have to start seriously planning blocks of time for sewing and crochet. And start saying No. Ah, the perils of being Fantastic.

This is also why I haven’t had a completed dress project to post about in a while. It makes me a little sad. So that’s why I picked up the abandoned Love Me -Not- Dress and considered one evening, Is it really so bad as to be abandoned?

As it turned out, no! A few take-ins there and a proper hem, snip of the extra zip bit and now I have a perfectly wearable tea dress! Just don’t look too closely 😉

You might also remember the Polyvore ensemble I put up a few weeks ago. See where I was going there? Hehe! I still have more ideas, and the aqua wig must be taken out sometime soon 🙂

Stay funky!

Sew 2012 #007: Love Me Not Dress

Well then!

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and I had big plans for a lovely red dress using this glamorous ’50s reproduction pattern from Butterick. I even started the muslin three weeks ago to allow plenty of time to make it, but then LIFE happened of course and all my sewing time got chewed up.

I always figured I’d have to make some adjustments to this pattern, as these types of patterns are usually made for a B-cup which I am not. While it’s true I have to make some adjustments, I’m sorry to say I’ve run out of time to figure out how!

So what you are looking at is the muslin. I had this mint green satin in my stash, I had originally bought it at $2 per metre with intent to make a circle skirt. I now have no need for (never really did actually) a mint green satin circle skirt.

I think this version is salvageable, I will get a wearable dress out of it. But as for changes when making my red version I don’t know yet. I need some nice office wardrobe pieces and this will have to go into the someday pile… Is this my first UFO??

*Sigh* I’ve had a few Ups with sewing projects lately, this must be accepted as a Down. Time to do some crochet methinks.

Stay happy!

Happy Christmas Time Sparkly Starry Skirt!

Christmas is almost upon us and it’s the season of parties: This year I have surprised myself by making two skirts for Christmas! Next year I hope to make a dress… but anyway!

Yay! I’m sure there are some other crafty department store shoppers out there who are currently thinking “Hey, I’m using that as our Christmas tablecloth this year…” Well now you can eat from your happy Christmas table knowing that someone was wearing a rather uncomfortable skirt made from your tablecloth fabric.

I made this as a wearable muslin for another skirt – so glad I did! The pattern is Kwik Sew 3852 which I bought a few weeks ago. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, two things to note though: This fabric is waaay to scratchy to wear comfortably in Australian summer, and I really should finish all the waist fastenings before running around in it for a day. Several times I had to stop it falling down after getting out of a chair because the hook and eyes had come undone… so the slip I decided to wear underneath helped with my two problems… Will I wear it again? Isn’t it fun learning how to sew!

Now here’s a rather abstract Christmas Horror pic as proof I wore the skirt:

It’s like I’m the Christmas Swamp Fairy… or something… 😀

Happy Christmas!!