One whole year of Craftiness!


One year ago today I wrote my very first blog post. I had no expectations, only a keen desire to get out of an unhappy rut. Well I am by and large out of that rut and it’s been so much fun that this year I again have no expectations, but a keen desire to keep creating!

Thank you for reading and enjoying my blog this past year. Creating and designing things to share with you has been a great joy!

Stay happy!


Crochet: The Star Anise Blanket points in the right direction

I made a very good point the other day:

Har har.

Bad puns aside, I did make a very good point to myself. My plan to join all my next round of blues wasn’t going to work that well as I realised I had to join all the blues with blue, and the browns and greens were going to be joined with green. The the creams would be joined with cream. Well there was some logic to it anyway. Point is I made a point.

But that’s not all! While this exciting addition was being made, the house was inΒ disarray. Sweetheart turned the house into a photography studio and we had the amazingly talented make up artist Dave Reid and lovely model AnneΒ Duffy over for a cup of tea. Then I couldn’t help but to get involved in Sweetheart’s fun πŸ˜€

I’m sure the Star Anise Blanket just become the most popular crochet blanket on the Interwebs. In the meantime though, I promised Anne that next time we shoot there will be more blanket to keep her warm!

Check out this picture Sweetheart also took on the night – simply amazing and an awesomely fun day!

Stay warm

A trip away increases the Bead Stash…

or Morganisation: My Beading/Jewellery Making Stash Part 2

Sweetheart and I recently treated ourselves to a trip to Sydney, Australia.

There is something about cities that stir something in me. Sometimes I try to capture it, but I’m often not sure I succeed… This is my latest attempt at photography, what do you think? πŸ™‚

On an slightly unrelated note, we (I) stumbled across a closing down sale at a bead store – I ended up stocking up on a few things! It’s terrible going into shops like this without a project in mind, apparently I was wandering around in this tiny shop for about 45 minutes before Sweetheart urged me on! It’s like grocery shopping on an empty stomach!

Some ideas didΒ evolveΒ out of these pretty little things πŸ™‚