Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Let the filters on my photos take you back to a time when fringing was all the rage!

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Years ago I bought a bag of ribbon and trimming scraps from a fabric department store. In it was a 1.2m length of 20cm fringing. Score! I thought. I’ll have to do something with that.

Recently I was in a slap-dash let’s make something mode and decided I had to have a Trashy Lampshade Skirt.

Don’t over-analyse it, as I’m not sure what is going on here:

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

In a way it’s my first attempt at lining a skirt, as I wanted the fringing to be independent to the outer-velvet layer. So I made two skirts, one velvet and one black satin, made the black satin one 1 inch shorter than the velvet, attached them at the waistband and sewed the fringing on the inner black satin skirt’s hem.

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Not bad. Now if I ever need a Halloween costume I just need to wire in some lighting up there.



Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stole and Flower Brooch

Red wasn’t the colour for me at the Important Event, so after making my first stole fromย Weekend Designerย I set about modifying it to be more elegant and in a colour to better suit my dress, which I’d established was going to be navy blue matte satin.

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stol

One thing I’d noticed between the pattern directions and the photograph on the Weekend Designer page was the photograph had a more elongated shape. I set about re-drawing my pattern to mimic a nicely tapered oblong and the above was the result.

I still had a problem with my dress – the one I bought was a size or two too big which I knew I could modify. But being time-poor busy me, I didn’t get up to that and then ran out of time to take to a dressmaker to get it professionally done. I was able to temporarily fix the side seams and hemline without much bother, but the bust as always caused problems.

I found the only way I could do it with out buggering up the whole dress was to safety-pin a bust dart in the neckline and cover it with me-made pretty matching flower!

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Flower Brooch

The flower was a lot of fun to make, I’ve been saving all my scraps since so I can make more.

Of course, with a stole like this it’s hard to get the picture without actually having it on: fortunately I’ve taken such a long time trying to take my own that the official wedding snaps have been processed. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stole and Flower Brooch: On Model

Now it is folded away in storage until I should need a lovely cream stole again. Thanks to Missy, it now has a few thread snags from when it was hanging in the lounge room after we returned home and she decided to try climbing it.

Joke’s on her, it fell on the floor so now she believes hanging fabric is not stable for climbing. WIN!

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

With the remaining metres of the red satin fabric from the Red Satin Stole, I made the Red Satin Skirt!

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

This was from my Kwik Sew Pattern 3381, the longer version. I still love using the waistband technique from this pattern.

Unfortunately I cut the pattern to big and this sits quite low on my hips, making it to long. I could just shorten the hem and take the sides in a smidge, but I still suck terribly at rolled hems to the point in considering outsourcing them…

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

However with invisible zips I’m all good and happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

Sew 2012 #018: Red Satin Stole

In Melbourne spring has certainly sprung today and while I’m sure we’ll still have a few cold winter-flashback days, summer is on its way. I woke up this morning determined to clear some creative space and bombard you with a creativity!

I collected my pile of finished and un-photographed sewing projects and headed into the garden. Ideally I wanted to have pictures of me demonstrating their use but some of these items have been waiting for their 15 minutes for over a year. I found a suitable tree and got snapping – the result is a two-month line-up of finished sewing projects!!

Without further ado, first up is the Red Satin Stole.

Sew 2012 #018: Red Satin Stole

For months I’d known about an important upcoming event – my little brother’s wedding! I had dreams of making a not-so wonderful dress (don’t want to outshine the bride you know!) but alas it was not to be. As the day grew nearer I knew I’d have to go for a store bought dress but I still wanted to have an element of my outfit me-made.

Out came meters of red satin from my stash! Meters and meters of it! And on my computer up came the fabulous Weekend Designer’s satin stole! To work I got, and only a few small hours later I procured this wonderful garment.

Sew 2012 #018: Red Satin Stole

I was very delighted with the results, and my first attempt at a bound button hole style. I did modify it to be a little simpler as I think I made it too narrow to get the button hole lips to sit in a charming way.

As it happened, the dress I ultimately decided to wear was navy blue, and there was no way in the world I was going to wear red and blue together in Newcastle. So I had to make another stole, and I knew just what I’d alter to make it even more fantastic…

Stay tuned for Sew 2012 #020!

French Knicker Rescue

Sounds gross doesn’t it. Why would one need to rescue knickers? If you remember that this is a blog about sewing, we then may remember these.

Beverly from redbamsews made the marvellous suggestion to remove the side seams and add some more fabric to the sides. So I did! After that went extremely well, this happened:

Genius I am. Luckily the iron-burn happened at the top end, so these promptly became Hipster French Knickers. But the fun didn’t stop there. Other disasters for this rescue include:

  • Over-calculating the amount of fabric I’d need.
  • Over-estimating the length the waist elastic needed to be.
  • Over-experimentingย blindly with the amount of flare.
  • Running out of matching bobbin thread.
  • Running out of ribbon trim.

As you can no doubt see, I have learned something from this French Knicker experiment. What I’m not quite sure yet. Lo, here are the knickers!

Hooray! This picture actually makes them look good. What you don’t see is they actually make me look like a potato and Sweetheart starts giggling whenever he sees me in them.

That aside however, I’m getting more impressed with my stitches and patience when sewing satin! Which is great, as satin is one of my favourite fabrics and I hope to sew a lot more with/in it. Just have a look (and also appreciate the awesome moth-lace ribbon I found a few years ago!):

Somehow I don’t think they’ll be worn much, not by me anyway. Unfortunately they’re just to weird a fit on me.

There will be more French Knickers.

Stay determined!

French Knickers

A few months ago I posted I was off to a French themed party… Sadly the party was postponed until further notice but I went ahead and played with French costume ideas anyway!

Lo and behold my satin magenta french knickers!

Hot Pink French Knickers

Don’t they look neat (*ahem* don’t look too closely!). However what the picture doesn’t show is that I can’t even get them past my knees.

Something went disastrously wrong with my pattern drafting skills! Perhaps it was the lack of them that did it. To make matters even more embarrassing for my so-called abilities, I can’t even get these onto my size 6 torso mannequin!

My skills with sewing satin also leave something to be desired. This is something I’ll have to research before I try these again. I’ll be sure to share when I do!

If you’ve been sewing for a while, I’d love to hear what are your best tips for sewing satin?

Stay encouraged ๐Ÿ™‚