Morganisation: My Beading/Jewellery Making Stash Part 1

In my Sewing Stash post, I gave a not very revealing sneak peak into my beading stash. And today I continue the illusion that my junk piles are actually worth reading about by offering the preview of the current state of my work-in-progress tray:

Ah yes, other people’s mess. The glorious thing about the internet is if you’re not interested, somebody else is, and this is wonderful news for people who like to ramble and wonder out loud like me.

Some of my work-in-progress tray is stuff from sewing mending jobs Sweetheart threw on there when he cleaned up the lounge room. There are in fact three projects here: One plastic pearl and Swarovski crystal stitching experiment hiding under the paper bag, and two necklace re-fashion jobs I need to start. Both the necklaces were given as gifts to a people and that people has asked me to turn them into something she would actually wear.

And idea I have, alas, at the moment time I do not. So they sit in the tray untill the time comes I can put a few consecutive hours together. Which will hopefully be this week.

Stay tuned for more Beading Stash Goodness next week!



Morganisation: My Sewing Stash

Tonight I had planned to take you through my Sewing Stash, but when I opened the cupboard I was confronted with this:


Needless to say I won’t be walking you through that in one post. A book maybe, but I’m not writing a book today! To be fair, this cupboard also contains my Bead Stash which takes up one of the compartments.

So what I’ve decided is to list here a few of the more interesting sewing projects I’m keen to try when I overcome my pattern procrastination…

  • Spot On Dress (to match my Sunny Spots 🙂 )
  • Mondrian Dress
  • Pale Aqua French Knickers
  • Vintage Pink Pencil Skirt
  • Emerald Velvet SteamPunk Ball Gown
  • Subdued Stripes Pencil Skirt
  • Hot Pink Satin Pencil Skirt (Needs a better name…)
  • Beige Blending Office Pieces
  • Gaga in the Office Sheath Dress

And many more…

There are many a good thing to come of of that cupboard I know it! Now when this current crochet craze I’m in begins to fade it will be anyone’s guess as to whether it will be a beading or a sewing trip next…

Or maybe you can help me decide? What should next month’s craze be, beading or sewing?


Stay creative!

SSS’11 Day 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10: Organised-Me actually planned the Photo Shoot

Woohoo! It’s a good week when you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear in the morning. As I was planning the shoot, I planned what I’d wear each day – The only thing I had to concentrate on was not spilling my lunch down the front. Success!

Day 6: Tuesday

Today’s ensemble was one Me-Made Grey Pencil Skirt, made from the same fabric as the No Cigar Dress. No cool piping on this one though. But I did edge the inside of the interfacing with a burgundy satin ribbon, it makes me smile every time I put this skirt on. Today also includes a Me-Modified cardigan – the beige cardigan originally had very boring little round beige buttons, which I replaced with rather interesting slightly larger square brown buttons.

Day 7: Wednesday

To ease into Thursday, here our glamorous model sports an old pink cardigan, also with Me-Modified ‘buttons.’ The original plain round pink buttons were replaced with 10mm round shiny rose beads! We also get more mileage this week from the Gothic Favourite Pencil Skirt worn on Monday (Hey, in and office full of men it’s clean if they haven’t seen it in more than 24 hours.) Ooh, and that’s also a Me-Made earring dangling on the side..!

Day 8: Thursday

Bam! It’s Thursday! Did you see that coming? None of these sultry looks in the office but this Hot Pink Pencil Skirt certainly got looked at. Not enough for a comment (positive or negative) but that’s not what we wear it for. This skirt causes entertaining problems for my colour-scheming mind: What else can you wear with a Hot Pink Pencil Skirt other than White, Black or Grey?

Day 9: Friday

Pay Day! Casual Day! Lots of Good Days all roll into one on Fridays. An no-one can tell this used to be a pillow case! This skirt is a little figure hugging at the moment but still very comfy. I made a few pillow case skirts a few years ago, but this I made a few months ago using a new method I devised (although if I looked someone may have already thought of it.). Personally I think it’s the easiest way to make a pillow-case skirt, I may have to write a tutorial!

Day 10: Saturday

Finally, a day I can work my magic. Like what I am doing to the wooden spoon. This delightfully domestic number is a collection of designer brands, cheap online finds, thrifty op-shopping and a pile of fabric. Yes, the pile of fabric is my Oh-So-Elegant Tea Skirt in black party satin, which I got for $3 a metre. When it’s not sprucing up a Tea Party with family at home (as what happened this fine Saturday), I love dressing this skirt up to the Nines and heading to the Hyatt Hotel for High Tea – the unfinished hem has just the right amount of ‘Devil may care’.

Weee! That was fun, planning the outfits, wearing them for the week, the putting it all back on for the shoot. I doubt I’ll get one shoot for each week that’s left now, but let’s see about getting one more in.

I still have to focus on getting my Me-Made items for September finished… I didn’t anticipate trying a bust enlargement on a pattern would be so vexing… :/

Stay creative!


SSS’11 Day 5: Me-made Gothic Favourite Pencil Skirt

I have fallen behind on the Self-Stitched September ’11 challenge, but not one for excuses, here’s Day 5!

I promise you I did also wear a head that day.

This skirt I made from fabric I’ve had in my stash since 2004. I’ve been wanting to make it into a pencil skirt since then and this year I finally did! This is the fabric that made me want to learn to sew, and I’ve been holding off using it till I felt confident enough to cut it. It’s now one of my favourites and an office staple. It also features in the SSS’11 themed photo shoot I was able to squeeze in that week!

Stay tuned 🙂


SSS’11 Day 3 & 4: Crocheted Scarf and a Me-Made Necklace

More gorgeous Spring weather this weekend! I found it somewhat difficult to adjust on Saturday and ended up wearing to many clothes, so my Me-Made scarf spent most of the day in my bag. Look how lovely the day was:

Canberra is most beautiful when the seasons are changing and these trees are everywhere. If you look hard you can see my scarf! But here’s a closer shot:

I crocheted this from a simple pattern when I was first learning from some lovely natural coloured alpaca wool I picked at a market one weekend. My hat was also a bit of a DIY, if you can say that – I tied a piece of lace around the top and added the clip… 🙂

In the afternoon, Sweetheart wanted to go for a drive in the country again. On route, I wanted to take a few shots of my scarf in an arty way, so we pulled over and arranged it on a barbed wire fence!

I only got two shots before a highway patrol car drove past us very slowly… But I think they were more amused than anything 🙂

On Sunday, I got to start a new beading project (more creative compulsion) before Sweetheart wanted to go on a Father’s Day drive so our cat would buy him a present. I don’t object to this, because it means Felix buys me a present on Mother’s Day. He’s a very considerate cat.

Again I decided to throw on something simple and this time combined one of my Me-Made necklaces with a few other store-bought ones 🙂 I love this colour combination. Can you tell which one I made?

Stay creative!


SSS’11 Day 2: Creative Compulsive Fringe Scarf + No-sew How-to Tutorial!

Hooray for crafting! And more hoorays for opportunity to wear results of crafting outside the house!

This morning was hard getting out of bed, which is odd since it’s a Friday, so no handmade things managed to make it onto my person in the morning’s sleepy search for clothes. However, we did go out for dinner and I wore a light scarf I made in July.

Back story: I found 365 days of craft in June this year, and going through Bronwyn’s posts makes for fun reading! When she up-cycled an old t-shirt into a fringe scarf that got my mind whirring about what I had that I could cut up! It’s soooo easy!

Here’s my result:

Inspiration credit goes to Bronwyn!

Don’t mind me looking all intimidating and snooty, actually all I want to do is wash my hair and go to bed. No long now. Anyhoo, the fabric is a left over remnant of some non-fraying black jersey knit from my stash. I’m a bit of a minimalist at times so no beads for me, but you could easily add them!

Here’s what it looks like when it’s been dropped then slightly arranged in a clean spot of the kitchen floor:

Since this was sooo easy, it would be a crime not to show you how I did it. So here’s what a did for my version:

Basically, cut on the purple lines. You don’t event have to be neat – in fact better if you don’t, it adds to the charm. The only notes I would suggest is don’t cut the fringing too close together at the top, otherwise it will pull off easily and you will have no fringe left. Secondly, do it outside if you’re using the same black jersey knit stuff I did – there were little black bits of fluff EVERYWHERE by the time I finished. Also wash it before you try it on. Otherwise you will find more black dots in cleavage.

Weekend tomorrow! And I’ll have to start preparing for my other part of the SSS’11 commitement – making a new piece of clothing each week.

Stay inspired 🙂


SSS’11 Day 1: My Favourite Me-Made Hair Barrette

It’s the first day of September! It’s also the first day of Spring! And, it’s the first day of Self-Stitched September ’11!

With so many firsts in one day, I decided to keep my first handmade item simple:

This is one of my favourite self-made hair clips! It’s made from bits from my collected remnants over a few years: junk shop ribbon, old hair barrette, clumsy necklace and a grubby phone strap. Put them all together and you get a fantabulous new hair barrette!

What is Self-Stitched September ’11?

Check it out on So Zo…’s blog by clicking on the logo, and then read my pledge!


Self-Stitched-Sept ’11 – I’m in!

I’ve been thinking about Zoe’s Self-Stitched-Sept ’11 challenge all week – battling with my inner Evil’s attempts to come up with a reason of why I shouldn’t do it. Well, inner Evil failed!

And so, I pledge:

I, Morgan Sin of Pins and Patience, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept ’11. I endeavour to wear something I made each day for the duration of September 2011.

Aah! Freak out! It’s official, I just committed to something that wasn’t a real-life long term relationship. (Yes things get topsy-turvy in my world.) Eep.

In more detail, what I’d like to do for this challenge is:

  1. Take the things I’ve made for a walk out of my wardrobe.
    While I’ve just started to make my own clothes from patterns, I’ve been making hair pieces, hat type things, scarfs and the odd basic skirt for a while, so I probably have more than a month’s worth, if wearing only one thing a day.
  2. Make 1 new item per week from my stash.
    I get carried away, I think of fantastic ideas then not do them for a long time. In September, I plan to make 1 piece of clothing from a pattern per week, using fabric from my stash.
  3. Document with great photos!I love a good photo shoot! And I believe it makes all the difference for you too, readers of the posts. It’s so much easier to see just how it looks and how lovely something really is with a a good photo!

I’m tempted to over-complicate it further but I won’t because that’s not Zoe’s rules 🙂

I’m excited! If not just because I’ll have four new pieces of clothing by the end of September, and a lot of inspiration from the other participants!

For full details, see Zoe’s full post on her blog at So, Zo, What do you know? (I also recommend subscribing, she’s fun to read!)


This will also be my first month-long online challenge! I’ve been having so much fun with my new blog and hobbies it seems silly not to join in on the fun I see in my RSS Reader.

Let the excitement begin!