So, A Sew 2012 Summary



Eleven months on and we finally get to recap on the year that was 2012. This little blog certainly got its head in a spin!

Personally I’m not sure what to make of it. Did I bite of more than I could chew?

Sew 2012 #018: Red Satin Stole Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stole Sew 2012 #021: Hot Pink Satin Sexy Pencil Skirt Sew 2012 #022: A Back Up Christmas Skirt - Back Sew 2012 #023: Crash Velvet Portrait Blouse Sew 2012 #024: Flight of Fancy Portrait Blouse Sew 2012 #025: Sub-lime Portrait Blouse wpid-IMG_20131004_101629.jpg Sew 2012 #027: Purple Portrait Blouse

I hoped to make 52 items in a year and got up to 27. Despite this I feel pretty good about my un-achievement. 2012 turned into a relatively tough year!

I had had ideas about 2013 but the effects of 2012 lingered and I thought it best to indulge in creatively freeing projects – sewing what and when I felt like it with the odd crochet project.

This blog has always been about a place to freely express and share what makes me happy. I’ll be trying not to lose sight of that again anytime soon!

I’m ready for a happy and creative 2014 – I certainly deserve it and so do you!



Sew 2012 #027: Purple Portrait Blouse

Here is my third but not final attempt at Gertie’s Portrait Blouse.

Sew 2012 #027: Purple Portrait Blouse

I’m not really digging this version, but I keep it as it’s wearable and would be a good layering piece under jackets and stuff.

Sew 2012 #027: Purple Portrait Blouse - Back

In all keen to get this one right!

Sew 2012 #025: Sub-lime Portrait Blouse

I’m talking about failures here.

Sew 2012 #025: Sub-lime Portrait Blouse

This blouse has remained in my in-progress pile for too long. It’s time to decide: Finish or Forget.

I choose forget.

Aside from being a horrid colour on me, it doesn’t make me feel nice wearing it and I don’t like the fit. I should have written it off as muslin and tried again without trying to finish this… but hey.

Sew 2012 #024: Flight of Fancy Portrait Blouse

Sew 2012 #024: Flight of Fancy Portrait Blouse

Ooh look, a rather dark and grainy photo of me looking rather proud of myself. Well why not I say, I sewed a Top that Fits!

Sew 2012 #024: Flight of Fancy Portrait Blouse

This is version two of the Portrait Blouse. I made this one a little longer, but mostly I wanted to see how the top would be in a lighter fabric. I think this is a cotton voile.

Sew 2012 #024: Flight of Fancy Portrait Blouse

Fortunately the fabric pattern seems to be hiding any fitting woes.

Sew 2012 #024: Flight of Fancy Portrait Blouse: Frog.

Hanging out lookin’ like a frog.

Sew 2012 #024: Flight of Fancy Portrait Blouse: Armhole

Armhole satisfaction. It looks pretty tight in this photo, but I actually have full range of movement and it covers the bits it needs to.

Bring on the next one!

Sew 2012 #023: Crash Velvet Portrait Blouse

I bought myself a gift a while ago, as you do, which was the most amazing Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing.

Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing

I love love love this book! The styles are beautiful and Gertie lays out the instructions clearly and nice for someone with a bit of sewing experience like me can begin to understand. I can’t say how many times I’ve flipped through the pages imagining I’m a better sewist and I’m making all the different versions I can think of.

Being time-poor and pretty new to sewing means it’s taking me a long time to get through my first project, which is the lovely and simple Portrait Blouse. I bought this book over a year ago and I’ve yet to settle on the adjustments to the blouse I’m happy with! Being large-busted means I don’t get the blouse-y effect Gertie gets in the book, instead it looks a lot more fitted. Sweetheart says this a good thing and it looks nice on me. I say I need to get out of the habit of buying baggy or stretch-y tops and embrace this fitted idea. (Posture, please.)

Sew 2012 #023: Crash Velvet Portrait Blouse

So! After having this fabulous book for a month and wondering when I was going to get myself into it, I found myself with a few hours to spare pondering what to wear to a party. I know! A New top!!

Trace, cut and sew a new project in a few hours with no testing to wear that night? I’ve done crazier things. Turns out, I had the top made and pretty well fitting in that time, paired it with my Back Up Christmas Skirt and off we went!

Truth be told, I just zig-zaged the neckline, armholes and hem and off we went. Such a minor detail won’t be noticed in semi-darkness, right? Well, it wasn’t noticed. ;D

Sew 2012 #023: Crash Velvet Portrait Blouse - Back

The Portrait Blouse was so easy to sew, by the end I was so happy I didn’t care if it didn’t fit me I was happy enough with what I’d done I would finish it and maybe gift it to someone it did fit. But it did fit me, albeit not as blouse-y as I’d hoped and probably about an inch too short to be properly comfortable.

This has started a slew of ‘wearable’ muslins, old-bed-sheet muslins and pattern cuttings. Gertie has totally sold me on the idea of the Portrait Blouse and I am determined to perfect the pattern for my shape and make a million of them!


Sew 2012 #022: A Back Up Christmas Skirt

This is my most favourite pencil skirt so far. The fabric is a rather large remnant of stretch satin I bought from Tessuti Fabrics on a trip to Sydney – it’s a lovely fabric. Though I think I’m making it do something it shouldn’t in this project!

Sew 2012 #022: A Back Up Christmas Skirt

It doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but when wearing it hugs me nicely and tapers around my knees. Plus being stretchy, it’s comfy before and after dinner!

Sew 2012 #022: A Back Up Christmas Skirt - Back

It’s also the most perfect waistband and invisible zipper installation I’ve ever done! 😀

Stay happy!

Sew 2012 #021: Hot Pink Satin Sexy Pencil Skirt

Shakin’ up my trend of pencil skirts and invisible zippers, I used the alternative skirt pattern in the envelop and made this front split version!

Sew 2012 #021: Hot Pink Satin Sexy Pencil Skirt: Back

I also used a regular zipper instead of my usual invisible ones. Having done so I wish I hadn’t on this skirt but oh well.

Sew 2012 #021: Hot Pink Satin Sexy Pencil Skirt

Sew 2012 #021: Hot Pink Satin Sexy Pencil Skirt: The Split

Look at that split!

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stole and Flower Brooch

Red wasn’t the colour for me at the Important Event, so after making my first stole from Weekend Designer I set about modifying it to be more elegant and in a colour to better suit my dress, which I’d established was going to be navy blue matte satin.

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stol

One thing I’d noticed between the pattern directions and the photograph on the Weekend Designer page was the photograph had a more elongated shape. I set about re-drawing my pattern to mimic a nicely tapered oblong and the above was the result.

I still had a problem with my dress – the one I bought was a size or two too big which I knew I could modify. But being time-poor busy me, I didn’t get up to that and then ran out of time to take to a dressmaker to get it professionally done. I was able to temporarily fix the side seams and hemline without much bother, but the bust as always caused problems.

I found the only way I could do it with out buggering up the whole dress was to safety-pin a bust dart in the neckline and cover it with me-made pretty matching flower!

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Flower Brooch

The flower was a lot of fun to make, I’ve been saving all my scraps since so I can make more.

Of course, with a stole like this it’s hard to get the picture without actually having it on: fortunately I’ve taken such a long time trying to take my own that the official wedding snaps have been processed. 😀

Sew 2012 #020: Cream Satin Stole and Flower Brooch: On Model

Now it is folded away in storage until I should need a lovely cream stole again. Thanks to Missy, it now has a few thread snags from when it was hanging in the lounge room after we returned home and she decided to try climbing it.

Joke’s on her, it fell on the floor so now she believes hanging fabric is not stable for climbing. WIN!

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

With the remaining metres of the red satin fabric from the Red Satin Stole, I made the Red Satin Skirt!

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

This was from my Kwik Sew Pattern 3381, the longer version. I still love using the waistband technique from this pattern.

Unfortunately I cut the pattern to big and this sits quite low on my hips, making it to long. I could just shorten the hem and take the sides in a smidge, but I still suck terribly at rolled hems to the point in considering outsourcing them…

Sew 2012 #019: Red Satin Skirt

However with invisible zips I’m all good and happy! 😀