Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

Here we are, the last item from my day in the sun camera in hand. We are now officially up to date with sewing projects.

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

This is another opshop-found fabric, but this one was long enough to make the below-the-knee length skirt I like. I love the satin stitch diamond pattern!

This fabric has been in my stash for nearly two years – when I started sewing I didn’t imagine I’d be the kind to have a sewing stash with fabric that old in it! Somehow when buying the little roll at the thrift store, I thought this skirt might never be made. I must have been having a bad day as I do believe in unicorns and dreams do come true.

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

I wanted to try something different with the waistband fastening here, a pretty lone button from my collection was perfect! Please disregard the pink chalk lines… I promise I washed it off before wearing πŸ™‚

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

Such a lovely vent.

Sewing dreams do come true πŸ™‚


Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

Yay! Modern Hippie Happiness.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

In all honesty I don’t like this fabric. I got 2.5m of it from an opshop one day as I thought it would be good practice sewing with knits. I thought of making a wrap dress with it but the idea of being wrapped in this pattern was sort of off-putting so the sewing of the wrap dress kept being put off.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

Here is the wind demonstrating the drape.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

That aside, check out those seams! Pretty happy with it πŸ™‚

I’m more likely to wear this now it only covers the lower half of me, but I don’t think it will be one of my favourite skirts. The sewing pattern however, I hope to make many more of these in other fabrics!

Stay happy

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

May goes out with a Fizzle and I talk to my Sewing Machine.

What a strange month May has been. I mean, not really, like, you know, things have been weirder, but May was weird, just sayin’.

I didn’t get to sewing or anything much crafty on account of being very busy with the day job. At the end of such busy days my mind preferred to switch off rather than solve my sewing problems, and even my Pinterest account didn’t get much of a look-in.

However, in between switching off and weekends I did manage to plod along with trying to perfect my first sewing pattern.


Alas, there’s not much perfecting going on. The above dress is too big in some places. It’s also beige and incredibly boring. It’s made from the same length of op-shop fabric as my first Sew 2012 dress and some new lining. After going too far with the Dismal Success Dress, I had tried going back to the original pattern I made Madly Happy Sunny Dress with, which happens to fit quite well. It didn’t work. Maybe a difference with the fabric?

In my quest to perfect this pattern, I’ve left it unhemmed for now. A UFO! I expect I’ll feel like adjusting and finishing it one day. So I moved on:


Same pattern, different problems. I made the adjustments based on what I wanted to change in the boring beige dress above, but this is also not happening. This dress is too small in the bust and too big in the hips! Furthermore the armholes are just small enough to be rather uncomfortable. Oh well. The hips are an easy fix but the rest would require major surgery (on me or the dress, though I would prefer on the dress.).

The fabric I like but I think it would be very impractical in my current wardrobe. It’s a heavy matt satin which I’ve seen wedding dresses made out of. If it was wearable I don’t think I’d wear it very much. I also need to stop making dresses in satin.


So! Right now I’m stumped. How is that I’ve made 4 dresses from this pattern and only one fits – and oddly enough it was the first one!? Is it me?

I look at my sewing machine. “Or is it you?” I ask regretfully. We share a long look and we both know it isn’t. “Perhaps it’s the fabric then.” I wonder aloud.

The fabric raises its eyebrow and gives a warning glance from its high hanging position. “You know it isn’t me. I know my properties and abide by them, but do you really know me? All I have seen so far shows me that you do not.”

Fabric and I look at each other for a long time. I know it’s right. I don’t know my fabric at all beyond pretty and stretchy, pretty and woven, and ugly. The pattern, who had been sitting patiently on the floor, glanced up at the fabric with a knowing eye and then looked reassuringly at me.

“With patience and pin,Β We all know you’ll win.
Silence the violin! You’re Morgan Sin!”

Pattern always knows what to say. Sometimes it’s bit hard to understand, but it always knows. In fact, I think pattern and I will go do some fabric Googling right about now.

Stay confident!