Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #08: Nick Swing

Here’s one of my favourites! However I’m not sure if I’ll ever wear it…

This one gets its name from the swingin sixties design of the fabric combined with the putrid smell of cigarette smoke (NICotine!!!) and old man that terrorised my nostrils when steam pressing it.

Nick Swing Pencil Skirt

Nick Swing Pencil Skirt: Back Detail

Nick Swing Pencil Skirt: Back

Other than that, this skirt is awesome. After I finished making it an before its final press, I tried the following:

  • washed it normally.
  • washed it with eucalyptus.
  • soaked it.
  • dried it.
  • soaked it in vinegar.
  • hung it out in the sun.
  • forgot about it.
  • left it in the rain for three days.

I’ve yet to steam pressed it again to see if my efforts worked, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the illusion of having a larger wardrobe.


Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #07: Clyde

Clyde Pencil Skirt. So named after the photo filter effect on my photo editing app on my phone.

Clyde Pencil Skirt

Clyde Pencil Skirt: Back Detail

Clyde Pencil Skirt: Back

Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #05: Cause for Trouble

I knew when I made this into a pencil skirt it would have to be named with a reference to hot librarian teachers who don’t take silliness from students.

Cause for Trouble Pencil Skirt

Cause for Trouble Pencil Skirt: Zip

Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #01: Bat

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had happy holidays and settling into another year quite well. I am. This year I have only one ambition and that is to Be Relaxed.

Whatever else that I happen to get done and achieve is a bonus. Yay!

2013 saw a trend of batch-crafting on this blog. Months of intense crafting followed by months of intense nothing. I was much happier in 2012 where the crafting and posting was timely and consistent, before things went wacky. But 2014 is an even number with only one odd number in it so as always things are already different this year.

As a result I have a batch of Pencil Skirts from the end of 2013 that need posting about! What I have planned for you now is an onslaught of Pencil Skirt posts in the form of Mug Shots, one per day until we are done. The Final Post will be Something Rather Different, then we will start on 2014 projects. Hooray!

First up: The Bat Pencil Skirt.

It seems this fabric will never end. I got it from an op shop years ago now and made the Batface DressΒ from it with tons to spare. So it went in the Pencil Skirt Party pile and I still have enough left over for something else.

Bat Pencil Skirt - Front

Bat Pencil Skirt - Back Vent

Bat Pencil Skirt - Waistband

Bat Pencil Skirt - Back waist fastening and zipper detail

Bat Pencil Skirt - Back waist fastening and zipper

Nice job 99, if I do say so myself.

However, a plain ‘ol maroon pencil skirt wasn’t enough for me and I’ve started embellishing it with black sequins. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Stay happy!

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

Here we are, the last item from my day in the sun camera in hand. We are now officially up to date with sewing projects.

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

This is another opshop-found fabric, but this one was long enough to make the below-the-knee length skirt I like. I love the satin stitch diamond pattern!

This fabric has been in my stash for nearly two years – when I started sewing I didn’t imagine I’d be the kind to have a sewing stash with fabric that old in it! Somehow when buying the little roll at the thrift store, I thought this skirt might never be made. I must have been having a bad day as I do believe in unicorns and dreams do come true.

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

I wanted to try something different with the waistband fastening here, a pretty lone button from my collection was perfect! Please disregard the pink chalk lines… I promise I washed it off before wearing πŸ™‚

Completed: Dreams Come True Pencil Skirt

Such a lovely vent.

Sewing dreams do come true πŸ™‚

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

Yay! Modern Hippie Happiness.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

In all honesty I don’t like this fabric. I got 2.5m of it from an opshop one day as I thought it would be good practice sewing with knits. I thought of making a wrap dress with it but the idea of being wrapped in this pattern was sort of off-putting so the sewing of the wrap dress kept being put off.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

Here is the wind demonstrating the drape.

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

That aside, check out those seams! Pretty happy with it πŸ™‚

I’m more likely to wear this now it only covers the lower half of me, but I don’t think it will be one of my favourite skirts. The sewing pattern however, I hope to make many more of these in other fabrics!

Stay happy

Completed: Jersey Hippy Swing Skirt

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Let the filters on my photos take you back to a time when fringing was all the rage!

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Years ago I bought a bag of ribbon and trimming scraps from a fabric department store. In it was a 1.2m length of 20cm fringing. Score! I thought. I’ll have to do something with that.

Recently I was in a slap-dash let’s make something mode and decided I had to have a Trashy Lampshade Skirt.

Don’t over-analyse it, as I’m not sure what is going on here:

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

In a way it’s my first attempt at lining a skirt, as I wanted the fringing to be independent to the outer-velvet layer. So I made two skirts, one velvet and one black satin, made the black satin one 1 inch shorter than the velvet, attached them at the waistband and sewed the fringing on the inner black satin skirt’s hem.

Completed: Trashy Lampshade Pencil Skirt

Not bad. Now if I ever need a Halloween costume I just need to wire in some lighting up there.


Completed: Starry Mini Skirt

Remember the Starry Nights Dress? It didn’t survive my creative clutches. A few months back it got the chop and the bottom half went into my scrap pile, side seams in tact. The top is in my regular cycle of comfy homey tops.

Completed: Starry Mini Skirt

While sorting through my stash for good bits of fabric I thought this would be good to have as a skirt, so I made a casing for some elastic and threaded it in. In true homemade style I’ve left the bottom raw.

Completed: Starry Mini Skirt

This should add some glamour to those summer supermarket trips πŸ˜€