Star Anise Crochet Blanket Update!

It’s been a while for many things and one of those is an update on the Star Anise Blanket!


It’s actually big enough now to use as a blanket over the two of us while on the lounge. The cats still have some trouble getting comfy with it when we’re using it…


But when we’re not you can forget about it.



There is more wool to buy and still more to do. And a lot of ends to weave in.

Stay creative!


Star Anise Crochet Blanket


Don’t let this lovely photograph fool you! You didn’t miss anything, the Star Anise Blanket is most definitely not finished yet. In fact, it hasn’t gotten any bigger since my last update. Gosh I didn’t realise it was so long ago!

No, this Star Anise Blanket is folded up neatly and smally to be packed into a box for a few weeks. We’re moving house!

For the next few weeks I can look at these pictures and think how lovely it is, and let that motivate me to create some more hexgons in between packing and un-packing boxes. I’m sure I’ll find the time! 😛

Woolly loveliness.

I’ve had to pack up all my sewing things so there won’t be any new clothes for a little while. To minimise crafty withdrawals, I’ve put together a crochet travel kit:

And mapped out the point when the Star Anise Blanket got packed up:

Still lots to do.

Of course, me being me I actually have two crochet travel kits. There is this one, and another one that is a small box stuffed with at least 5 other projects. Plus there will be wool shops on the way. So I won’t be running out of crochet expressionism!

One more for the road:

Stay inspired!

Star Anise Blanket, Oh How It Grows!

Things are progressing on the Star Anise Blanket front. Lucky it’s getting colder, because a few weeks ago it was just to warm to stitch the hexagons together with the growing mass of blanket on my lap.

It’s exciting. It’s almost at a usable size now! And the points! It’s really coming together!


Crochet: The Star Anise Blanket points in the right direction

I made a very good point the other day:

Har har.

Bad puns aside, I did make a very good point to myself. My plan to join all my next round of blues wasn’t going to work that well as I realised I had to join all the blues with blue, and the browns and greens were going to be joined with green. The the creams would be joined with cream. Well there was some logic to it anyway. Point is I made a point.

But that’s not all! While this exciting addition was being made, the house was in disarray. Sweetheart turned the house into a photography studio and we had the amazingly talented make up artist Dave Reid and lovely model Anne Duffy over for a cup of tea. Then I couldn’t help but to get involved in Sweetheart’s fun 😀

I’m sure the Star Anise Blanket just become the most popular crochet blanket on the Interwebs. In the meantime though, I promised Anne that next time we shoot there will be more blanket to keep her warm!

Check out this picture Sweetheart also took on the night – simply amazing and an awesomely fun day!

Stay warm

Star Anise Blanket Crochet Update

As Star Anise Blanket lies about the lounge room unfinished and aloof, it has begun to attract compliments from our house guests lucky enough to see it. Progress has been slow recently, but it’s now at a size that’s a bit hard to miss.

I’ve decided to finish all the hexagons for the next round before I attach them, and this is proving to be a test of my resolve. I have about 30 ready to go and it’s so tempting to give in and just attach a few… But no! I must be strong.

In the meantime, I have settled on the final direction. I will stick to my design I worked out a few months ago, and I’ve found the right combination to surround the star – the neutral beige and white combo above. What do you think?

I can’t wait to finish this, I’m going to have a beautiful piece when it’s done! 😀

Stay creative!

Crochet Star Anise Blanket reachs a Felix Milestone

I wasn’t planning another update on the Star Anise Blanket so soon, as I’ve run out of a two colours of yarn and have yet to buy more. It also hasn’t progressed a huge deal from my last update, but in the past week or so the Blanket has gained Important Recognition in our family.

Felix has Accepted the Star Anise Blanket.

Before this week, Felix hasn’t thought much of the ‘Blanket’. Rather, he avoided it like the plague and always walked around it if it were laid out on the floor (which it often was.). But this week, Sweetheart called me away from my sewing specifically to show me Felix’s new spot!

It’s as if it were made just for him. But then again, don’t we exist and the house was built just for him? Certainly seems so!

The Star Anise Blanket changed its Crochet Heart

About two weeks ago I was a little nervous about a change of design direction in my Star Anise Blanket – was swapping out some of the hexagons in the centre of my half-blanket going to be more trouble than it was worth? Answer: NO!! 😀

The blues are bright, all it’s done is change main feature of the blanket. I’m liking it!

I’ve now got more than 30 hexagons to start working the next two rounds, and I did an official count of how many hexagons I need to make to complete just the plan I made up – It’s over 100… so let’s not think about that number much.

Special thanks to didistarfish for the confidence kick! ♥

Another Star Anise Blanket Progress Update

“The time has come,” my imaginary walrus friend said, “to really give some thought about the direction of this here blanket.”

There it is. I’m really happy with my stitches, I’m pretty good at this crochet thang. Making and joining the hexagons is so easy and relaxing. However, I’m not loving how the design is going… which I don’t like because I’m putting a lot of time into this project!

This can only mean one thing… Blanket Planning. Doh! Not what you want to do when you set out to do an improvised creative project, but it is part of this blanket’s evolution so I guess it’s welcome! I’ve been collecting beautiful alpaca yarns that match my colour scheme, and because the hexagons a so lovely it’s important they sit together in the right pattern…

To the Nerd Machine…

I could draw this with pencils and paper, in fact I would prefer to because I find drawing relaxing too, but that will take up precious crochet time so we’ll do it speedily with these new fang-dangled technologies…

That and I like taking pictures.

After a fair bit of changing all sorts of colours, this is what we’ve got:

Wow! To be honest, I don’t like that image at all. I think it’s far too harsh, but I must remember that’s not the real thing! But when I think of the yarns and the pattern it will create, I think it will work. Keeping in mind too, that I haven’t planned the whole thing – I still don’t know if I want the finished blanket to be square, rectangular or hexagonal, though I’m leaning to hexagonal.

If you look closely you might notice a difference between the plan and the section of the blanket I’ve already put together… I’ve taken 6 hexagons out of the centre and moved them further out… I think I’ve really gone mad – I am terrified I’ll end up un-joining and re-joining the whole thing! Must – shake – such – thoughts – !

One last thing about this Blanket’s evolution… I think it’s heading for a name change. Star Anise just doesn’t seem to fit any more and all I can think about when joining the hexagons are camping trips from when I was a kid… the Australian bush and stars in clear night skies… 🙂 Such happy memories 🙂

Stay chilled!*

* Easy to do in Canberra at the moment, Summer doesn’t seem to have hit yet!

Progress update on the Star Anise Blanket

September is almost over, and with it Self-Stitched September ‘11. :/ I didn’t make it cataloging or making my outfits (I unexpectedly went crochet-mad this month), but the thought was there. It also made me realise I wear a lot of the same outfits over and over again, I really do need to get in front of my machine!

So what I’ve decided to do for the remaining days of September is share with you my completed projects and various stashes – But first an update on the Star Anise Blanket!

Back in July, I began something I never thought I’d ever finish. But since I’ve gotten inspired to make so many other blankets and I’m determined to finish the ones I do start. Yesterday, the Star Anise Blanket reached a milestone: I finished the skein of Rustic Blue Gum Alpaca mix I picked up in Mogo, NSW. Here’s my stack:

I didn’t have quite enough left to finish the last 3 1/2 centres I’d made, so I wasn’t going to have enough hexagons to complete my original idea for the centre of the blanket. This called for some Arranging Experimentation!

That’s 56 completed hexagons! I am so delighted with my progress. I feel like I happy Grandma who hasn’t gone wrinkly yet.

In my Blanket Inspiration Exploration, I read somewhere that about 350 pieces of about this size are required to make a queen size bedspread. Since I’m of the opinion that a good cozy blanket needs to cover at least two people and a cat (or medium-sized dog), I still have way to go.

The next step I think, is to find 3 skeins of something sublime to be the 3rd round of the next stage of hexagons. I’ll also need to decide on what the 2nd round colour will be. I still have plenty of the gold thread for the centres, so I’ll continue to scatter them around in this next stage… but I’ll need another colour to break them up… I am perplexed.

I guess I’ll just need to convince Sweetheart we’re due for another Country Drive! (I’m sure that won’t be difficult at all 😉 hehe!)

Stay creative!

A new blanket…


I meant to modify a dress pattern and start making it yesterday, but I ended up getting sick and spent the day in bed. Not to worry though, as I did feel like picking up my crochet hook again. I haven’t done any crochet since last winter!

I didn’t feel like making another scarf, and have been wondering what to do with a lovely skein of alpaca wool I bought a few months ago. I also saw this pattern for granny hexagons over on One Loop Short, and I thought that’s just simple enough for a stuffy headachy brain.

The alpaca wool is on the outside ring, in ‘rustic Australian blue gum’ colours. I plan to scatter the blanket with some hexagons that have a sparkly gold thread star in the middle, and others a rustic blue to match the alpaca.

I love stories of where the wool comes from, so here I share mine: The alpaca comes from a small town called Mogo in NSW, where my partner and I went one weekend. The gold threads and white wool was given to me by my partner’s mother, who doesn’t knit anymore, so I’m glad to put these yarns to good use. Finally, the rustic blue yarn comes from trusty ol’ Spotlight, where I bought it with my mother to crochet a 70s style headband for a fancy dress party she was going to. Now they’re going to become a lovely winter blanket!

How long and how big this blanket becomes is a mystery. But I’m sure I will finish it! All I can think while I’m making it is for some reason it reminds me of star anise.