Revolutionary Sketching Experience!!


My method of madness just got revolutionised. I mean this is nothing new, but I tend to work with modern technology and somethings take their time seeping into my personal life.

That’s right – I have just done my first sketch on my iPad! And you’re (maybe) getting a preview of something I’m (hopefully) going to make!

I’m not overly in love with this green fabric I picked up at an op shop, but it was cheap and I didn’t hate it so I bought it for something to practice on. There is enough to make a sheath dress but I’d like to try making a top and pencil skirt with pockets…

Stay creative!


Unpredictability and Fabric


The Force was with me this month and I’ve been really busy and pretty productive. However not particularly productive with crafty business, so I haven’t had much to say there. But not to worry, there’s been no shortage of ideas!

Just so I don’t feel like I’ve neglected May 2012, I’m sharing my third-ever Instagram pic above! Awww!!

I wouldn’t say it holds a candle to any other of the awesome Instagram pics I’ve seen, but what is does show is AWESOME FABRIC I GOT FROM AN OP SHOP FOR $15 TODAY AND GUESS WHAT THERE’S 6.5 METRES OF IT!!!

*does a little dance*

As I was walking away from the shop and back to the office job my mind stopped whirring when it reached the conclusion:

40s-Length Pencil Dress with matching 3/4-Length Jacket.

Oh yeah.

Star Anise Blanket, Oh How It Grows!

Things are progressing on the Star Anise Blanket front. Lucky it’s getting colder, because a few weeks ago it was just to warm to stitch the hexagons together with the growing mass of blanket on my lap.

It’s exciting. It’s almost at a usable size now! And the points! It’s really coming together!


Stash Doubling Magic

I’ve just had one of the most successful fabric stashing weekends. Even more exciting, most were incredible thrift finds! And, not very much of it was pink. I remember looking in my stash a few weeks ago wondering how so much pink got in there.

Anywho, from the first opshop:

4 skirts!


A knit wrap and a wrap knit dress!


A sensible shirt!


A top!


*6* Dresses!


Then from the remenants table at a designer fabrics store: half a dress, a pencil skirt and something made from this beautiful bouncy knit!


From the craft department store, some things for experiments:


And finally from another opshop, a pencil skirt!


There you have it fabric, consider yourself documented.

Naturally, this has my head in a spin with what to make with all this! I have some great ideas of course, and hope to get these onto paper soon.

Stay inspired!

Completed Project: Orsome Ottomans

It starts out simple enough. You think, oh before I start sewing this skirt I’ll just draft up this really easy pattern for ottomans I saw online. Then you start thinking about the skirt some more and then think, you know, it would be really easy to whip up one or two of those cute ottomans right now, who cares if the skirt is already cut. Then BAM! before you know it it’s midnight and you have two of these beauties:

Aren’t they divine! I’m so happy with them, and I know Sweetheart likes them too: instead of his usual ‘cool, baby’ he smiled and looked at them for a while. Then he tried sitting both at once and promptly fell off. 🙂 *love*

Like most things I make these have a back story too. The fabric is from an old doona cover that was given to me about 3 years ago. I cut it up soon after with the intention of making several large floor cushions, but I never finished making them all because I didn’t really like them that much. After that, the cut up pieces of fabric went from fabric stash to throw-out pile and back again more times than I care to count.

Then on Saturday, I found we faced a dilemma. We’d bought some new furniture, and the Sunshine Seat was just too big for our space. Plus, we also have a seating shortage when guests visti and two ugly corners in the living area: cables and powerpoints made me want to claw my eyes out. So I had an idea for ottomans… and found this great tutorial over on Living with Punks!

I worked out my own dimensions and skipped the handle, and found some neat gold bead piping in my stash that I thought I’d use in a dress but decided it would be better used in these. Then sew sew sew and when they’re done, half the beans from the Sunshine Seat go on the floor and a small amount make it into the new ottomans. I just love them. Here’s a close up of the fabric and piping combo:

I now have enough pieces of cut-up doona cover left to make two more in smaller sizes, and I’m considering some complementary ones in leather look vinyl… oh to  creative, ’tis a joy and a curse!


Morganisation: My Sewing Stash Part 2, The Fabrics!

How delightful! I have visions of an incredible wardrobe whenever I potter in my fabric stash. This time during a fit of Morganisation, I sorted it all into piles depending on what I want it to become. The dress pile was certainly the largest!

Here is my stash, as of today:


I have a corset that I had custom made, and it is divine. Soon after it was made, we went overseas and I collected a few fabrics that I would love to have corsets in. I’m particularly looking forward to the blue velvet one!


I am a Pencil Skirt Fanatic. Could be my curves, or it could be their classic timeless style. Either way they’re my favourite type of skirt, and I recently found out they’re also pretty easy to make. Fun fact about my skirt fabric stash: I picked up almost all of these from op shops. Pink seems to be my colour at the moment! The only ones that weren’t from and op shop were the hot pink satin (remenant from craft department store) and the apricot with stripes (Mum bought it back in the 80s I think!). Oh, and the green one is actually a pillowcase! It was 20 cents from an op shop. 🙂


I don’t know what to do with these fabrics yet… most are quite small so not really good for clothing… I’m thinking I might try french knickers again (wait till you hear about that disaster!) with the top satin and make a cushion with the aqua blue for a friend… We will see.


Oh my dress fabric collection! None get me quite excited as this little collection right now. I desparatly want to work out my perfect pattern for a sheath dress, then make lots of sheath dresses. The exception here is the black velvety sparkly stuff up the very top… that will become a wiggle dress, the kind a wannbe star like me would wear to a karaoke night 😀

Yucky stuff

I don’t like this stuff at all. It feels icky. It came from my grandmother’s house when she was having a clean out. There’s alot of it. I suppose you would use it for the inside of a blanket, but I don’t see myself sewing a blanket in the forseeable future so I guess it will be hanging around for a while :/


This is actually my newest collection! After my first two dress disasters, I made it official to make muslins before sewing my real dress. So I’ve collected a few old sheets and am ready to go for my next attempt!

Something I enjoy slightly more than neatly folded stacks of fabric are lists. So now I know what I have, the next step is to list the projects I’m going to make!

What’s your favourite pending project in your stash?

Darling Tea Time Crochet Placemat

I’m on a roll with the mini projects now!

I’ve come to an uncomfortable halt in my three areas of obsession at the moment; with crochet I need to find lots of suitable yarn for my large projects; with sewing I’ve found my pattern altering skills are rubbish and trying to increase the bust of my pattern five sizes is something my mind refuses to tackle; and finally with beading – after spending several hours threading two rows of lovely beads I found my centrepiece wasn’t centred and I’m going to have to undo all that work 😦

So I’ve been procrastinating with odd balls of yarn in my stash, most recently this:

Isn’t it darling. It’s a cashmere placemat I made from yarn I was using to experiment for the Blanket Scrabble. This actually started as the sample square made with the 4mm hook, but it was too small to use for that, and too pretty to unravel.

Here it is in action:

Delightful! I think I’ll carry on this trend and make myself a Tea-for-One set, and try my first Tea Cozy as well, I know just the pattern!

Happy Tea Time!

A Stupid Mitten.

After my last monster of a post, I think some silliness is in order. And so I present to you the Stupid Mitten.

This mitten is quite possibly one of the most stupidest things I’ve made. I made it years ago, I don’t remember when – But it must have been 2002 or thereabouts when I was discovering that I couldn’t knit. I wanted mittens because I like mittens, and I thought I could figure out how to make them.

Well my pattern didn’t work, since I made it from two rectangles. That left a lot of wool in the point near the fingers, and I misjudged how much room my thumb would need by a LOT. It took a long time to make, which is why the second never got made. That and I didn’t buy enough wool 😦

And so, I discovered what it is to frog!

Now it’s back to a delightful ball of wool, waiting its true calling 🙂

Stay happy!

Another joyful stash discovery!

I found a box in my cupboard on the weekend, and thinking it contained some wool I started going through it. Well, it did contain some wool, but it also had some fabric pieces and another jar of beads from my great grandmother!

This was a happy discovery. Now I have two little old jars (read about the other here) with something to try, this may help me hurry up and get back to beading!

This one contains mostly clear seed beads with the old metal looking one.

It also has some plastic beads and some of my great grandmother’s WIPs in it..

And a glass button! I can just see this acting as a clasp on a necklace. Finally, here are Nana’s pieces she had worked on:

The stitched piece looks to be exactly the same method as the white beads, I think she must have liked this style. 🙂

Well, the question still remains as to when I’ll get back to beading!

Stay creative 🙂