Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #09: Perfect Sitting

One craft I remember my mother doing was reupholstering my desk chair in my bedroom.

The original was a lovely cream textured cover but you could just imagine how long that would stay looking nice in a grubby teenage bedroom.

The fabric she chose was this nice black tapestry style. The offcuts followed us around for years and I’d always wanted to do something with it.

Around the same time she covered the chair I made myself a needle book which I still use today. But there remained a sizable scrap.

Perfect Sitting Pencil Skirt

Perfect Sitting Pencil Skirt: Back Detail

Perfect Sitting Pencil Skirt: Back

Perfect Sitting Pencil Skirt: Fabric Detail

This is where the joys of spending hours on Pinterest proves itself useful. Inspiration struck and BAM skirt.


Sew 2012 #007 Revisited: Love Me -Not- Dress

Remember the Love Me Not Dress? I think it just became the Love Me Not Dress! I feel so adorable!

I’ve been incredibly busy these last few weeks. Too busy. I think I have to start seriously planning blocks of time for sewing and crochet. And start saying No. Ah, the perils of being Fantastic.

This is also why I haven’t had a completed dress project to post about in a while. It makes me a little sad. So that’s why I picked up the abandoned Love Me -Not- Dress and considered one evening, Is it really so bad as to be abandoned?

As it turned out, no! A few take-ins there and a proper hem, snip of the extra zip bit and now I have a perfectly wearable tea dress! Just don’t look too closely 😉

You might also remember the Polyvore ensemble I put up a few weeks ago. See where I was going there? Hehe! I still have more ideas, and the aqua wig must be taken out sometime soon 🙂

Stay funky!

Sew 2012 #005: Bear Stole

Life! At times we get so carried away with other things we do things like post Sew 2012 #006 before Sew 2012 #005. Doh!

Better late than never, though I did post this on time over The Sew Weekly.

This was a spontaneous stole, when I needed something quick for the Down-under theme for The Sew Weekly. Of course being down-under already I actually needed something that was up-over! Further, I had no winter fabrics in my stash, with the possible exception of this Teddy Bear fur!

I love the shape of this stole, I drafted the pattern myself. The only thing I’m not happy with is that it’s 4″ too small, on account of not having quite enough bear fabric to warp around me! Nonetheless, if I wear it a certain way and not move much it works just fine.

I should also mention the pink satin lining on the inside… I love this fabric. It has a real silky vintage look to it, and it may well be silky – I bought it from an opshop a few months ago and have no idea what it really is.

Now please excuse me, I must buy tickets to the theatre and make my evening gown.


PS: I fully plan to share my pattern with you! 😀 😀

Finished Crochet Project: My Fairy Tea Cosy

Isn’t it silly? I used up my sample yarn from the Blanket Scrabble and had to buy more to finish this.

I made this to fit my Ugly Teapot, which you last saw covered in Other Nana’s Tea Cozy. But I misjudged my sizing and ended up making it too big! I tried it on my Avanti Teapot, but it’s still too big, so I think the only way to fix this dilemma is to buy a larger teapot!

Stay silly


Update 3 December 2011: The pattern for this tea cozy I found through Ravelry, but here’s a direct link to crochetroo’s original blog post! Enjoy 🙂

Other Nana’s Tea Cozy Revitalisation with Crochet

Check out this funky tea cosy! This is one my late great grandmother made – she keeps popping up a lot lately!

Tea Cozy!!!

She knitted this, and when I found it among my sewing things it was lacking the drawstring. So I crocheted one up, and made a trivet to protect our table as well!


This tea cozy must be happy to be back in action after how many?! years in storage. I sure am to have it 😀

I do wonder though what it is made of, I heard acrylic yarn is doesn’t work very well in keeping the tea warm… oh well, at least it will look proper. And I finally have some clothes to dress up the very plain $3 teapot!

Stay warm 🙂

Darling Tea Time Crochet Placemat

I’m on a roll with the mini projects now!

I’ve come to an uncomfortable halt in my three areas of obsession at the moment; with crochet I need to find lots of suitable yarn for my large projects; with sewing I’ve found my pattern altering skills are rubbish and trying to increase the bust of my pattern five sizes is something my mind refuses to tackle; and finally with beading – after spending several hours threading two rows of lovely beads I found my centrepiece wasn’t centred and I’m going to have to undo all that work 😦

So I’ve been procrastinating with odd balls of yarn in my stash, most recently this:

Isn’t it darling. It’s a cashmere placemat I made from yarn I was using to experiment for the Blanket Scrabble. This actually started as the sample square made with the 4mm hook, but it was too small to use for that, and too pretty to unravel.

Here it is in action:

Delightful! I think I’ll carry on this trend and make myself a Tea-for-One set, and try my first Tea Cozy as well, I know just the pattern!

Happy Tea Time!

Moleskine Beading Collages

This morning I woke up thinking about the inevitability of us moving house again and all the stuff we’d have to pack. I was thinking in particular about all the books and magazines we cart from house to house and never actually read.

So I decided to cut into my magazine stash! My diary has become my inspiration book this year, and as there a a few weeks when I didn’t use it, there are many blank spreads begging to be filled. First up, I tore into my small beading magazine collection and took out the pieces that inspired me:


I certainly have a few themes going on… There is nothing like going back to the old version of cut & paste. I found a very calming and happy experience 🙂

Awkwardly Human and Beautifully Gothic

Or, How I came to be whatever the hell it is I ‘am.’

There’s some interesting reading to be had over at The Ultimate Goth Guide, I’m thinking about Day 2 and Day 3 in particular at the moment.

I was never a babybat that I can think of, I didn’t dress darkly that much when I was a teen. I don’t have many photos at all actually. In fact I remember one outfit I put together to go out with my family for dinner with I was 13: bright green t-shirt, black vest, black mini skirt and red tights. I felt great. My family was amused.

When I got older, I discovered Marilyn Manson. I was in awe of the girls and boys who looked so delectably dark. I went to Japan – Gothic Lolita Bible, Mana and EGL, need I say more?! I also discovered how much I liked dressing up and sadly, I discovered how much the outfits I actually wanted to wear cost. That was and is my biggest hinderance to dressing up the way I want to – it’s so damn expensive!

I discovered Goth wasn’t the only subculture I liked. I also like Metal. And Tea Parties. And Art. And Fetish. And Cute Things (No ‘Luv-hearts’ and ‘Butterflys’ though – not unless they look like real hearts and moths. Which they then cease to be cute. But I still like them.). So how did I come out of the Goth closet when so often these subcultures don’t see eye to eye?

I came out wearing long black skirts and my hair teased out, something like the above picture. I sat down on a nearby mushroom and listened to the music. Then I got up and went over to the other side of the room, made myself a cup of tea and put on another skirt, this one cream with dainty roses all over it, and a changed my corset to something coordinating. On another day I could have looked like this:

When I thought I was ready to see what else it was all about, I did this:

The I put on my best coat my Nana wore in the 1960s:

And found another thing that is just as fun:

Oops, did I really just post that?!

Anyway, while I was out trying all these different things I found the really good people like and love you regardless of what you’re into. Mostly because they’re into some of it too, or at the very least they find it interesting.

I also found that you don’t have to ‘fit’ just one subculture. For me, it was too limiting.

When I’m not dressed up I’m an Awkward Human. When I am, I’m whoever I want to be! I am Chameleon, watch me change!

Thanks to Amy for getting me to think about this! 🙂

A Tea Party at Home

I had much fun entertaining family at home today! Everyone came over for afternoon tea, and we enjoyed home made cookies, lemon bread, and sponge cake topped with berry sauce, strawberries and cream. Such a lovely (and messy) afternoon requires an outfit that will work work, so a lovely apron is required!

A Tea Party at Home

Twenty 8 Twelve printed t shirt
85 –

39 –

Salvatore Ferragamo ballet flat
$450 –

Alkemie long chain necklace
$330 –

Moss Mills owl necklace
$319 –

American Apparel hair bow accessory
$14 –