The Fourth Ottoman

It’s the last day of winter and finally it’s starting to feel like it could be warm again. I sowed poppy seeds this week and am eager to see them pop up!

I love the idea of gardening… That to sow a seed is to believe in tomorrow. It’s such a peaceful thought to have at this time.

Speaking of believing in tomorrow, it also applies to my little UFO pile in my sewing room! It has since been cleaned, but still nothing to write home about. The important thing is it’s organised enough to sew in!

One thing in my UFO pile was the last little Ottoman to complete the set. The most time consuming part was moving the beams from the excessively large triangle bean bag into this one. But it has been done!

2013-08-31 13.50.38

2013-08-31 13.50.59

I love this feeling of spring in the air 😀

Stay creative


May goes out with a Fizzle and I talk to my Sewing Machine.

What a strange month May has been. I mean, not really, like, you know, things have been weirder, but May was weird, just sayin’.

I didn’t get to sewing or anything much crafty on account of being very busy with the day job. At the end of such busy days my mind preferred to switch off rather than solve my sewing problems, and even my Pinterest account didn’t get much of a look-in.

However, in between switching off and weekends I did manage to plod along with trying to perfect my first sewing pattern.


Alas, there’s not much perfecting going on. The above dress is too big in some places. It’s also beige and incredibly boring. It’s made from the same length of op-shop fabric as my first Sew 2012 dress and some new lining. After going too far with the Dismal Success Dress, I had tried going back to the original pattern I made Madly Happy Sunny Dress with, which happens to fit quite well. It didn’t work. Maybe a difference with the fabric?

In my quest to perfect this pattern, I’ve left it unhemmed for now. A UFO! I expect I’ll feel like adjusting and finishing it one day. So I moved on:


Same pattern, different problems. I made the adjustments based on what I wanted to change in the boring beige dress above, but this is also not happening. This dress is too small in the bust and too big in the hips! Furthermore the armholes are just small enough to be rather uncomfortable. Oh well. The hips are an easy fix but the rest would require major surgery (on me or the dress, though I would prefer on the dress.).

The fabric I like but I think it would be very impractical in my current wardrobe. It’s a heavy matt satin which I’ve seen wedding dresses made out of. If it was wearable I don’t think I’d wear it very much. I also need to stop making dresses in satin.


So! Right now I’m stumped. How is that I’ve made 4 dresses from this pattern and only one fits – and oddly enough it was the first one!? Is it me?

I look at my sewing machine. “Or is it you?” I ask regretfully. We share a long look and we both know it isn’t. “Perhaps it’s the fabric then.” I wonder aloud.

The fabric raises its eyebrow and gives a warning glance from its high hanging position. “You know it isn’t me. I know my properties and abide by them, but do you really know me? All I have seen so far shows me that you do not.”

Fabric and I look at each other for a long time. I know it’s right. I don’t know my fabric at all beyond pretty and stretchy, pretty and woven, and ugly. The pattern, who had been sitting patiently on the floor, glanced up at the fabric with a knowing eye and then looked reassuringly at me.

“With patience and pin, We all know you’ll win.
Silence the violin! You’re Morgan Sin!”

Pattern always knows what to say. Sometimes it’s bit hard to understand, but it always knows. In fact, I think pattern and I will go do some fabric Googling right about now.

Stay confident!

Sew 2012 #007: Love Me Not Dress

Well then!

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and I had big plans for a lovely red dress using this glamorous ’50s reproduction pattern from Butterick. I even started the muslin three weeks ago to allow plenty of time to make it, but then LIFE happened of course and all my sewing time got chewed up.

I always figured I’d have to make some adjustments to this pattern, as these types of patterns are usually made for a B-cup which I am not. While it’s true I have to make some adjustments, I’m sorry to say I’ve run out of time to figure out how!

So what you are looking at is the muslin. I had this mint green satin in my stash, I had originally bought it at $2 per metre with intent to make a circle skirt. I now have no need for (never really did actually) a mint green satin circle skirt.

I think this version is salvageable, I will get a wearable dress out of it. But as for changes when making my red version I don’t know yet. I need some nice office wardrobe pieces and this will have to go into the someday pile… Is this my first UFO??

*Sigh* I’ve had a few Ups with sewing projects lately, this must be accepted as a Down. Time to do some crochet methinks.

Stay happy!

Sew 2012 #006: Sequin Rough Self-drafted Skirt

Does a fabric scrap begging to be turned into something wearable count as a UFO? In my book it does, because:

1. I have had plans for it to become something for a while, so I can see the ‘object’ in my head
2. I haven’t been sewing long enough to have accumulated a pile of UFOs
3. I like finishing things.

Anyway, I had a bit of this sequin-y stuff from my Nana’s lying about, just enough for a skirt. Really so very easy, all I did was taper the waist and sew a casing for the elastic, stitch up side seams then hem. However the see-through nature of this fabric means you just don’t wear it with out a slip (unless you’re trying to make a statement!).

It’s rough. It’s scratchy around the waist and knees. But wonderful for glamming up a CBF day when you’ve run out of milk.


Completed Sewing Project: A New Year Dress (or A Dress That Fits)

Look at this look at this! I sewed something that fits!! See me, I can do it 😛

I first wore this for New Year’s, and boy does it have a story behind it…

Excuse the Bat Face, believe me it is better than what was actually taken.

Pattern: New Look 6857 c. 2003
Fabric: Hot pink stretch cotton drill from an Op Shop, Black stretch cotton drill from fabric store
Notions: Too short black zipper, 7 antique metal buttons from stash, both from stash
First worn: New Year’s 2012
Wear again: Yes, if I feel like ironing!

I actually cut the pieces for this dress way back, at the same time I cut the pieces for the No Cigar Dress. After I completed the No Cigar Dress and found that it didn’t fit, I folded up the pink pieces and put them in the cupboard. Maybe, I thought, I would sew them one day for someone else. Besides that, I actually ran out of fabric while cutting the pieces!! The back pieces were about 30cm shorter than I needed so I’d have to solve that problem as well!

Cut to the holidays and I’m looking for something easy to sew. The No Cigar Dress was easy, and I had since bought some black fabric to fix the missing part of the pink back pieces. I also remembered the Hot Pink Pencil Skirt (scroll to Thursday) and how that was a bit bigger than the others made from the same pattern because the fabric is stretchy… Maybe… aah what the hell, let’s do it.

So I did. And as it evolved, so the too did the appliqué black V on the front, and my button choices (Vintage – they came from my Nana’s stash, which she got of my great-grandmothers stash, so I don’t know how old these could be!). As I was doing the final pressing I couldn’t help but start to wish it would fit, while trying to convince myself not to be upset if it didn’t…

Finally it came to Modelling for Sweetheart time – After a careful nod he suggested a belt, and fortunately in my wardrobe I had one! Ta-da!

So now I have A Dress That Fits!

Morganisation: My Sewing Stash Part 2, The Fabrics!

How delightful! I have visions of an incredible wardrobe whenever I potter in my fabric stash. This time during a fit of Morganisation, I sorted it all into piles depending on what I want it to become. The dress pile was certainly the largest!

Here is my stash, as of today:


I have a corset that I had custom made, and it is divine. Soon after it was made, we went overseas and I collected a few fabrics that I would love to have corsets in. I’m particularly looking forward to the blue velvet one!


I am a Pencil Skirt Fanatic. Could be my curves, or it could be their classic timeless style. Either way they’re my favourite type of skirt, and I recently found out they’re also pretty easy to make. Fun fact about my skirt fabric stash: I picked up almost all of these from op shops. Pink seems to be my colour at the moment! The only ones that weren’t from and op shop were the hot pink satin (remenant from craft department store) and the apricot with stripes (Mum bought it back in the 80s I think!). Oh, and the green one is actually a pillowcase! It was 20 cents from an op shop. 🙂


I don’t know what to do with these fabrics yet… most are quite small so not really good for clothing… I’m thinking I might try french knickers again (wait till you hear about that disaster!) with the top satin and make a cushion with the aqua blue for a friend… We will see.


Oh my dress fabric collection! None get me quite excited as this little collection right now. I desparatly want to work out my perfect pattern for a sheath dress, then make lots of sheath dresses. The exception here is the black velvety sparkly stuff up the very top… that will become a wiggle dress, the kind a wannbe star like me would wear to a karaoke night 😀

Yucky stuff

I don’t like this stuff at all. It feels icky. It came from my grandmother’s house when she was having a clean out. There’s alot of it. I suppose you would use it for the inside of a blanket, but I don’t see myself sewing a blanket in the forseeable future so I guess it will be hanging around for a while :/


This is actually my newest collection! After my first two dress disasters, I made it official to make muslins before sewing my real dress. So I’ve collected a few old sheets and am ready to go for my next attempt!

Something I enjoy slightly more than neatly folded stacks of fabric are lists. So now I know what I have, the next step is to list the projects I’m going to make!

What’s your favourite pending project in your stash?

A Stupid Mitten.

After my last monster of a post, I think some silliness is in order. And so I present to you the Stupid Mitten.

This mitten is quite possibly one of the most stupidest things I’ve made. I made it years ago, I don’t remember when – But it must have been 2002 or thereabouts when I was discovering that I couldn’t knit. I wanted mittens because I like mittens, and I thought I could figure out how to make them.

Well my pattern didn’t work, since I made it from two rectangles. That left a lot of wool in the point near the fingers, and I misjudged how much room my thumb would need by a LOT. It took a long time to make, which is why the second never got made. That and I didn’t buy enough wool 😦

And so, I discovered what it is to frog!

Now it’s back to a delightful ball of wool, waiting its true calling 🙂

Stay happy!

Another joyful stash discovery!

I found a box in my cupboard on the weekend, and thinking it contained some wool I started going through it. Well, it did contain some wool, but it also had some fabric pieces and another jar of beads from my great grandmother!

This was a happy discovery. Now I have two little old jars (read about the other here) with something to try, this may help me hurry up and get back to beading!

This one contains mostly clear seed beads with the old metal looking one.

It also has some plastic beads and some of my great grandmother’s WIPs in it..

And a glass button! I can just see this acting as a clasp on a necklace. Finally, here are Nana’s pieces she had worked on:

The stitched piece looks to be exactly the same method as the white beads, I think she must have liked this style. 🙂

Well, the question still remains as to when I’ll get back to beading!

Stay creative 🙂

I need your help! What is this?

Remember my yarn stash post a few weeks ago? Well, turned out that post was more popular that I thought it would be! I have been busy with my wool; I’ve discovered the joys of Ravelry and all its woolly goodness! Check out my profile here and don’t be shy 🙂

Anyway, there is this in my stash:


The yarn, a beautiful alpaca and silk mix made in Peru, was left over from a knit shawl I made for a friend. I had one ball left, so I decided to start something for myself. After creating most of the motif, I realised it wasn’t going to work out the way I wanted it to (not that I’m sure I ever really knew), and it wasn’t unravelling very well so I kept going, making up the last six or seven rows as I went.

So now I have a lovely soft and floppy motif with frilly edges about 28 cm (11″) in diameter. Too small for a hat, frilly edges make it too weird to make another and join. I still have almost a full ball of the stuff, so we’ve go some wiggle room.

Do you have any ideas of what this delightful disc might become?

Stay happy! xx

Morganisation: My Beading/Jewellery Making Stash Part 1

In my Sewing Stash post, I gave a not very revealing sneak peak into my beading stash. And today I continue the illusion that my junk piles are actually worth reading about by offering the preview of the current state of my work-in-progress tray:

Ah yes, other people’s mess. The glorious thing about the internet is if you’re not interested, somebody else is, and this is wonderful news for people who like to ramble and wonder out loud like me.

Some of my work-in-progress tray is stuff from sewing mending jobs Sweetheart threw on there when he cleaned up the lounge room. There are in fact three projects here: One plastic pearl and Swarovski crystal stitching experiment hiding under the paper bag, and two necklace re-fashion jobs I need to start. Both the necklaces were given as gifts to a people and that people has asked me to turn them into something she would actually wear.

And idea I have, alas, at the moment time I do not. So they sit in the tray untill the time comes I can put a few consecutive hours together. Which will hopefully be this week.

Stay tuned for more Beading Stash Goodness next week!