5-star Crochet Blanket means I’m a Happy Hooker!

Yes, it’s true! After more than two years I have picked up my crochet hooks again. It seems crazy to have left it that long, but life happens.

What is even crazier, I actually finished the project within 10 days! Talk about rekindling an old love. What did I make you ask? I won’t make you wait any longer:

Five-point star baby blanket

Five-point star baby blanket

Five-point star baby blanket

Five-point star baby blanket

Five-point star baby blanket

Five-point star baby blanket

Isn’t it lovely! It’s a rather large 5-point star baby blanket in olive green 8 ply wool, mixed with a green and black 2 ply yarn to give the side of each star point a different shade. Its turned out so lovely I almost think I’ll keep it…

But I won’t! I owe the inspiration to pick up my hooks again to a dear friend. She requested this blanket when she was pregnant with her first baby, and I was happy to oblige! Now the baby is 6 months old and preparing for his first winter, with woolly blanket at the ready πŸ™‚

Five-point star baby blanket

Five-point star baby blanket

The buttons came from a designer outlet store in Melbourne, they fit through the loops in the seams so it can be adjusts to be worn around my friend when she is wearing her baby. No button holes necessary, so it can still be used with toddlers!

The pompom tells you which was is up so you don’t get to swearing levels trying to find the buttons. The point also acts as a hood for baby!

Find more details on the project and pattern over on my Ravelry profile!

So, first crafty project in two years completed. What’s next? Well, I already started two more and might dig out a UFO…

Stay happy!


Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #09: Perfect Sitting

One craft I remember my mother doing was reupholstering my desk chair in my bedroom.

The original was a lovely cream textured cover but you could just imagine how long that would stay looking nice in a grubby teenage bedroom.

The fabric she chose was this nice black tapestry style. The offcuts followed us around for years and I’d always wanted to do something with it.

Around the same time she covered the chair I made myself a needle book which I still use today. But there remained a sizable scrap.

Perfect Sitting Pencil Skirt

Perfect Sitting Pencil Skirt: Back Detail

Perfect Sitting Pencil Skirt: Back

Perfect Sitting Pencil Skirt: Fabric Detail

This is where the joys of spending hours on Pinterest proves itself useful. Inspiration struck and BAM skirt.

Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #06: Clydette

Clydette is the more feminine of two skirts cut from the same length of wool I found in an opshop.

I’m pretty much nailing all my pencil skirt dreams so I figured it was time to shake it up a bit. Having tried a few portrait blouses from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing, I decided to try one of the pencil skirt modifications.

Clydette Pencil Skirt

Clydette Pencil Skirt: Front Ruffle and Seam Detail

I couldn’t tell you how I managed to pull that peak off. It mystified me.

Clydette Pencil Skirt: Back

Clydette Pencil Skirt: Side Zip Detail

Clydette Pencil Skirt: Back Ruffle Detail

Look at the ruffles!

Mug Shots of Pencil Skirts #05: Cause for Trouble

I knew when I made this into a pencil skirt it would have to be named with a reference to hot librarian teachers who don’t take silliness from students.

Cause for Trouble Pencil Skirt

Cause for Trouble Pencil Skirt: Zip

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

More opshop fabric goodness! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this awesome wool and a whole lot more at one the opshops I frequent. It ended up being one of my biggest spends ever in a opshop.

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

I believe this rectangle of wool was intended to be a blanket. It still had a loose thread and needle in one side and the hem was incomplete. I finished the hem, and in winter I needed a warm jacket to wear out and about and thought a super simple cloak design would be great for this blanket.

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

It’s almost a crime how easy this was. After checking the measurements against my body, all I did was cut a slit to the centre and hem it. To wear, put the end of the slit behind your neck and throw one side over your shoulder…

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

And/or the other side over the other shoulder!

Completed: Woollen Croak Cloak

I believe I saw something like in a Vogue once.

Hooray for thrifty warmness!

Completed: Green Mini Skirt

One of my habits is finding likable lengths of fabric in opshops with the view to make a Pencil Skirt. This was another such likable length of fabric.

Completed: Green Mini Skirt

The trending problem that arises from this habit is that I often find out how long the length is at the cutting stage. I take a rather relaxed approach to my sewing.

So, often times I end up with a mini pencil skirt instead of the knee length one I’d hoped for.

Completed: Green Mini Skirt

In this case, I cut my pieces but the fabric had originally been cut on a bad angle. So the back pieces ended up much longer than the front piece. I sewed the back vent in so I could trim the hem evenly in the last stage, and then, well I ended up with one inch of vent. Sigh.

Completed: Green Mini Skirt

But of course, surprise lengths of fabric isn’t always a bad thing! Check out my funky Green Mini Skirt!


The Stress Management Skirt

Confession time: one of the things I suck at is stress management. Another apparently is exposed zippers but we’ll cover that later.


Sucking at stress management is why this lovely little corner of the interwebs has collected a bit of dust over the last year. I haven’t sewn as much as I could have – fortunately this is changing πŸ™‚

Take some time out for some stress management sewing and you get the Stress Management Skirt!


If you’ve read a bit of this blog, it should be pretty clearΒ that I freaking love pencil skirts.

While I think I’m getting pretty good at them I still lack in the selecting fabric area. I really need to stop buying offcuts thinking ‘Oh I’ll Just Make A Pencil Skirt’ then finding out I only have enough for a mini pencil skirt. Oh wells.


Also need some practice on machine blind hemming…


My exposed zipper attempt was pretty rad but I’m conveniently not showing the botched bottom until I can impress you with a really nicely done version. Yay!

Be happy!